• Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

    I provide advice, create and facilitate workshops on diversity, equity and inclusion to bring awareness of implicit and unconscious bias. I will help you and your r business understand how bias affects the treatment of others, why unconscious bias matters to business, and the impact of bias on others.

  • Talent Acquisition

    I work with you to identify and acquire skilled workers to fill vacant positions and meet your small business or organizational needs.

  • Workforce Planning

    I work with your organization to strategically plan for future leaders, using performance management techniques, succession planning, and leadership development.

  • Dispute Resolution & Workplace Violence Investigations

    I provide expertise conducting full and complete workplace investigations and mediate workplace disputes.

  • Employee & Labour Relations

    I will work with you to enhance employee engagement, health safety, and wellness, and build better relationships with managers and union leaders.

Is your talent Thriving or just Surviving?

Studies have shown effective communication will help to increase productivity, improve performance, enhance engagement and reduce turnover.

High performing talent is your most valued asset. Keeping employees engaged is difficult, and one of HR's challenges.

Employees who must navigate personal issues on their own is a challenge in of itself.

Effective communication is the key to healthy employee/employer relationships and requires an understanding of personal biases.

AME Consulting will teach you and your team how to communicate more effectively for maximum impact. I provide professional Human Resources advice, training and development to individuals and teams.