Frequently Asked Questions

Certified Coach in Toronto, Ontario

  • Is the coach trained by an accredited coach training school?
  • Does the coach have credentials that are recognized by professional organizations (ICF, WABC)?
  • Does the coach adhere to the professional standards set out by the International Coach Federation (ICF)?
  • Can the coach provide references and confidentiality?

You will want to pick a coach that has been trained by the accredited coach training program. Accredited coaches have the appropriate knowledge and ability to apply it effectively in their practice. Credentialing programs establish best practices and codes of ethics that coaches commit to.

Your coach should have credentials from the International Coach Federation (ICF), or the Worldwide Association of Business Coaching. (WABC), as they both drive business coaching excellence.

Ensure your coach adheres to the professional standards as outlined by the ICF which should be contained in the coaching contract.

Your coach should be able to provide you with references from people that have worked with and the coaching contract must contain a confidentiality clause for all parties.