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Sometimes I need to create my own motivation, with a little help.

Most of the time I like to look at motivational quotes, especially on a Monday after the weekend. But sometimes I need to find the motivation within myself, like I did this morning, because I seriously did not want to get out of bed. The brutal windstorm and rain of yesterday, left me feeling a little depressed and bored.
Since my daughter came to visit a few months ago and we went on several long walks, I committed to continue to enjoy walking outdoors for as long as I can. She chatted with me, about her walks and what they did for her wellness. I had no idea at the time she was coaching me to become a consistent walker. Since then I have been engaging in daily 5-7k walks to get my 10,000 steps in. It began as a step challenge, but quickly became a habit that I quite enjoy. The hot summer days were wonderful, and I loved being out there, walking my quiet country roads, clearing my mind of crap and creating good thoughts about how to build and run my new coaching and consulting business.
Walking did that for me, I would dress, put on a good pair of walking shoes and plug my air pods (only one, as I have to listen for the rare car that would pass me on these country roads) and head out. I tend to listen to classical music… there is something about classical music that does it for me, clearing my mind, to create great content for blogs and postings. I began breaking records for my walking with my Garmin, and vowed that I would keep going, I am a bit competitive, lol. Today marked a 191-day streak of attaining at least 10,000 steps each and every day since that walk with my daughter.

Ok, back to my motivation for today. Since the weather is now changing to cooler days and early dark evenings, I find it more challenging to bundle up and head out like I did on the nice hot summer mornings. For those of you who know me well, you also know I do NOT like the cold. Maybe its because I was born in the south, who knows? But since I live in a country that gets quite cold, I had to adapt over the many years I have been here. To be honest, I would rather hunker down next to my wood stove and enjoy the warmth of the room. Today is a cold windy uninviting day for a walk, but I needed the motivation to get out there and just walk, as I spent the entire day yesterday indoors walking around my house, just to get my 10,000 steps in. No fun at all!!! It rained all day yesterday and the winds were out of control. It was still quite windy first thing this morning and I thought about just staying in bed under the covers.
I had two early morning meetings, so that thought went out of my mind quickly. I had to get up, get dressed and become presentable for my Zoom calls. One of those calls was with a new coach connection, which provided me with some of the motivation I needed today. I had a few hours break until my next call and I thought I would venture out. I am so glad I did because it gave me food for thought for this Blog today. I could not wait to get back to put my thoughts down before my next call.
I am glad that I am surrounded by a wonderful coaching community!! I have had many coaches over the years and every one of them, especially my run coach, have brought me to something wonderful. Today, it helped me find the motivation I needed