My Coach Journey

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This is why I decided to become a coach and help others

My coach journey began with some amazing coaches that showed me how to tap into my potential. They showed me how my values and strengths showed up everyday in all that I did and continue to do. I did not even know clearly what my strengths were. I know, I know you are probably thinking, how could she not know what her strengths are… but ask yourself “ do I know actually know what my strengths are, especially my top 5 strengths”? If you do not, then I encourage you to find out, to really understand why you do what you do and how to better use them for success.

If you do not already have a coach, what are you waiting for? I encourage you to explore coaching to find out where it could lead you.

Coaching utilizes your values and strengths to ignite change to help you find cues that lead to development. I was able to think differently of the benefits I would get by engaging in what I wanted to do or be in the future. For example, my goal some time ago was to become a Vice President of Human Resources, my coach got me thinking about the unique benefits of that and as a result I began to create personal goals that eventually led to me becoming a Chief Human Resources Officer. I was motivated by my values and my strengths of Positivity, Communication, and others (Clifton Strengths Finder) to reach my desired outcome and my dreams became reality.

Coaches have a specific set of skills to serve their clients. All my coaches asked me transformational questions to help explore the possibilities and to overcome any barriers that I ultimately put up for myself. Their active listening skills and intense curiosity allowed me to find things that were blocking my progression and develop solutions to overcome them. Coaching helped me to focus on the positive and opened possibilities to explore other options toward setting and achieving my goals. This eventually inspired me to “ pay it forward” and become a coach myself.